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Beam N' Read

The Personal, Portable, Hands Free Light

Beam N Read® lights up personal space anywhere. It's worn around the neck and provides hands free light for tasks like quilting, knitting, reading, camping, changing diapers, and for walking in dim or dark places. It works with all books and eReaders. With a wider and brighter light and longer battery runtime than clip on book lights, it also works with newspapers, loose documents, and a letter from mom. It's an excellent Kindle Reading Light. Easy portability is great for students. The extra bright light is helpful for seniors while the hands free design also makes it practical for those using walkers or wheelchairs. The extra long battery life makes Beam N Read a very useful emergency light during a power outage and results in a lower cost to operate. It's perfect as a travel light. It consistently receives excellent Product Reviews & User Comments. It's the only hands free LED light that supports clip on color filters for more relaxing light and large clip on magnifiers for detail work. 

  • Extra wide and bright personal light from 6 LEDs that won't disturb others
  • 4 Standard alkaline AA batteries (not included) last 50 hours at full brightness using 6 LEDs, 100 hours using 3 LEDs
  • 2 Clip-on filters: Red for maintaining night vision, Orange for a softer light