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As an independent, female owned and operated business, Katrinkles is proud to provide crafters with high quality buttons and tools for their projects.
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2" Ruler Earrings Acrylic - Katrinkles


CRYC Acrylic Stitch Markers - Katrinkles


CRYC Needle Gauge- Katrinkles


CRYC Sock Ruler - Katrinkles


CRYC Wooden Stitch Markers - Katrinkles


Faux Suede Solid Heart Fold Over Tags - Katrinkles


Katrinkle Individual Tool


Knit Earrings - Katrinkles


Needle Gauge Earrings - Katrinkles


Skull Shawl Stick - Katrinkles


Skull Stitch Marker Set - Katrinkles