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ChiaoGoo Red Lace Needles - 40"

Product Information:

ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular knitting needles are a premium line of stainless steel circulars, with a flexible, multi-strand, nylon-coated, steel cable. 

The cable has no memory, allowing for your yarn to easily slide over the cable. The tips and joins are just spectacular. The needle size is laser imprinted on each regular RED circular. 

The ChiaoGoo Red Lace tips are more pointed than the ChiaoGoo Regular Red line of circulars. 

These wonderful circular knitting needles are of amazing quality for a surprisingly low price. They are great for knitting socks and most other projects. Customers with a nickel allergy will love these stainless steel needles - there is no need to resort to cheap plastic or aluminum needles.

ChiaoGoo is pronounced chow-goo and means "highly skillful and crafty lady." In China, the color red signifies happiness, hence the little slogan, "Knit Red. Be Happy" - get happy and get knitting!