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Remy's Wrap Kit - Urth Yarns

PLEASE NOTE: When you order a "drop ship kit", we call our yarny friends and tell them what you want, and they ship what you want DIRECTLY to you! You get what you want, and it helps us, too! 

This kit includes shipping + the Remy's Wrap pattern + Urth Yarns' Monokrom DK and Uneek DK. Measures 44"-48" long x 37"-40" long.

Enjoy mosaic knitting (knitting with one color per row?) You'll love this one! This unique project works as a shawl, a baby blanket, and a throw!

From the designer:

A walk through the pattern-
The pattern starts in a non-traditional way. It is reminiscent of the start of a braided rug. However, it continues to build in a rectangle, not an oval. The original was created as a celebration for the birth of a friend’s child and had names and dates on it. I found that I loved the sampler aspect of the design and wanted to write it as a pattern without personalization. Additionally, I found, it was a very wearable ‘shawl’ and not only a throw or baby blanket. This piece is a combination of stitches and textures. It employs different types of mosaic. Starting with a very simple design and then has some more complex forms; it also plays with the textural aspects of mosaic and how much is garter and how much is stocking knit. It has some stitch patterns and an applied lace edge at the end. The hope is you will find it interesting and fun AND you might learn something new along the way. I hope you enjoy it as much as the test knitters & I did.