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A community-spirited gathering place where fiber enthusiasts can come together to enjoy common interests and the fondness for everything to do with the needle arts. 

Knitted Wit HerStory 2021: Aurora Borealis

For August, Knitted Wit is honoring Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, a 27-year old member of the Canadian House of Commons. During her tenure, Mumilaaq has worked diligently on Indigenous issues and rights, and advocated for the basic human rights for the Inuit people.

"Aurora Borealis is an homage to the otherworldy-seeming light displays that can be enjoyed in Mumilaaq's beloved Nunavet, and to the light that Mumilaaq is in Canadian activisim."

Knitted Wit - Sock
Fiber Composition:
80% Wool / 20% Nylon


Yardage / Grams:
420 yds / 115 gr

Knitted Wit - DK
Fiber composition:
100% Merino


Yardage / Grams:
280 yds / 115 gr