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A community-spirited gathering place where fiber enthusiasts can come together to enjoy common interests and the fondness for everything to do with the needle arts. 

Weaving & Spinning Supplies


Schacht Spindle Company


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Baby Wolf High Castle Tray


Deep Dyed Yarns Combed Top


Frabjous Fibers Wooly Bully


Kromski Niddy Noddy


Kromski Nostepinne


Kromski Reg. Bobbin


Malabrigo Nube Roving


Purl & Loop Swatch Maker Set-Acrylic


Purl & Loop Swatch Maker Set-Birch


Schacht 18" Ski Shuttle


Schacht 26'' Reed (BW)


Schacht 36'' Reed (MW)


Schacht Baby Wolf 8S Maple


Schacht Belt Shuttle


Schacht BW Double Back Beam


Schacht BW High Castle Tray


Schacht BW Warp Beam


Schacht Easel Weaver


Schacht Hemstitching Guide


Schacht Inkle Loom


Schacht Lilli Loom


Schacht Mighty Wolf 8S Maple


Schacht Mighty Wolf loom


Schacht MW Square Beam


Schacht RH/TL Plas Gear N6333


Schacht RH/TL Ratchet Dog


Schacht Treadle Tracker


Schacht Weaving Stick


Schacht Wolf Stroller


Schacht Wolf Stroller Maple


Schacht- Cricket 10" to 15" Stand Kit


Schacht- Cricket Warping Peg Ass'y


Schacht- Trap Wolf Pup


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