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Semicircular Shawl Kit Noro Nishiki Knitting Fever Drop Ship Kit

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do with the needle arts. 


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2-Piece Slipper Bottoms (L)


2-Piece Slipper Bottoms (S)


Boye- Printed Tote


Bryson Yarn Bowl 7"x3" Hand Painted


Cedar Roma Moth Repellent


CRYC Drawstring pouch


CRYC Fiber Tribe Stickers


Darning Eggs - Bohin


Dritz Folding Scissors


Eucalan Wool Wash (16.9oz)


Eucalan Wool Wash (3.3oz)


Knitted Sweater Mugs - Pawley


Knitter's Hand Balm - Tuft Woolens


Magnetic Strips


Slipper Soles (L)


Slipper Soles (M)


Slipper Soles (S)


Slipper Soles Kids (M)


Slipper Soles Kids (S)


Stainless Steel Sock Blockers


Susan Baters Stitch Holder Asst.


Unicorn Fibre- Fibre Rinse (4oz)


Wood Yarn Bowl Bates


Wool Wash Bar - Tuft Woolens