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A community-spirited gathering place where fiber enthusiasts can come together to enjoy common interests and the fondness for everything to do with the needle arts. 


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CRYC Drawstring pouch


Darning Eggs - Bohin


Dotted Yarn Bowls - Pawley


Double Mini Yarn Bowl - Pawley


Dritz Folding Scissors


Eucalan 16.9oz


Eucalan 3.3oz


Frabjous Fibers Narwhal Notions Bag


Handpainted Yarn Bowl


Handy Caddy


Himalaya Socks


Hiya Hiya Shawl Pins


HiyaHiya Nirvana Yarn Winder


HMA Bag Clutch


HMA Braided Handle Bag


HMA Lg Drawstring Tote


HMA Lotus Bucket


HMA Medium Market Bag


HMA Project Pouch


HMA Tapestry bag


Hotel New Hampshire


Jul Leather clasp


Katrinkle Individual Tool


Katrinkles Earrings


KnitHappy Fold'N'Go


Knitted Sweater Mugs - Pawley


KP Blocking Mat Kit 8403


Large Tropical Tote


Magnetic Strips


Mini Yarn Bowls - Pawley


Nirvana Ball Winder


Pattern Holder Magma 8113


Pine Yarn Bowl


Pom Pom Maker 3126


Pom Pom Maker Nirvana 8413


PomPom Polly


Printed Pattern


Printed Tote Boyd


Quilted Bag


R.C. Shawl Pin BSS16


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