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Hooks & Needles

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Amy Llama Needles


Boye Crochet Set D-K


Bryspun Palmwood Hook D


Bryspun Palmwood Hook E


Bryspun Palmwood Hook I


Bryspun Palmwood Hook J


Bryspun Palmwood Hook K


Bryspun Palmwood Hook M


ChiaoGoo Stitch Cables


Clover Armour Crochet Hook 1057 NP


HH Nirvana Crochet Gift Set


Hiya Interchangeable Case


Hiya- 5" Sm. Interchangeable Set


Hiya- Steel Circ 1.5


HIya-Nirvana Maple Hook E


Knitter's Pride Tunisian IC Hook Set


Lykke 6" Crochet Hook Set


Lykke 6" DPN Set small


Lykke Crochet Hook 7


Lykke Crochet Hook D3


Lykke Crochet Hook G6


Lykke Crochet Hook I9


Lykke IC Cables


Lykke IC Needles 3.5"


Lykke IC Needles 5"


Lykke IC Tips US 5 x 5"


Lykke IC Tips US 6 x 5"


Lykke IC Tips US 7 x 5"


Lykke IC Tips US 9 x 5"


Nirvana Crochet Hook Set